Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bye bye analogue.... Hello iPod

Getting older is a strange sensation. There's no doubt that you think it will never happen to 'you'!! And even thinking that way seems hackneyed. Then all these little things start to happen and their accumulation makes you wonder about the passing years.

I was in Curry's a while back, in search of an alarm clock. You know what I mean? Little box, green light, goes ding at 7 and lets Wendy and Seamas into your bedroom? Well, no kidding, Curry's don't do that kind of alarm clock any longer.

DAB clocks appeared to be big, but what blew my mind were the Ipod gadgets in the store. I know Ipods, having purchased 3 for the offspring, but I genuinely, honestly had no idea they were the whizzing gadgets they appear to be. To have an alarm clock now, it seems you need an iPod to plug into it. To have almost anything in Curry's now, it seemed that an iPod was an essential component. Wow.

And then this: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/pocketli/20070508/ttc-currys-stops-stocking-another-analog-57dbc65.html

Now to be fair, I stopped using tape recorders many years ago, and went digital, but it did strike me that our march toward modernity is unstoppable. I remember when digital thermometers were introduced to hospitals, they were just the latest 'must have' for the up to date hospital. It always makes me a little wistful when I realise that younger generations have no idea how to use glass ones, or indeed that they ever existed.

I suppose we should rail against the night, but I think I'd prefer to do it with dignity. It often occurred to me that my ex-husband's need for a much younger wife had a lot to do with convincing himself when he looked at the couple in the mirror that as long as one of them was young it worked for both of them!! Mind you, that hasnt worked all that well, but thats a tale for another day.

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