Thursday, July 20, 2006

Time for the Nursing Home

I fell down the stairs the other night. Didn't do too much damage, but I thought I had broken my finger...... oh, no, how was I going to type? Sad enough when that becomes your first and worst thought!

Well, looking for sympathy, I told friends and family. First question: Were you drunk?

No, I assured them, stone cold sober.
Hmm, well, thats worse.

Worse? How on earth could it be worse. Well, apparently to have fallen down the stairs drunk would have been a good excuse. No worries there.

Falling down sober raised all sorts of issues. Was I safe to be left at home alone? No kidding, this is what my dear daughter wanted to know.

I suspect she wants the house signed over to protect her asset for the day I am consigned to the local home for the bucked and bewildered. Having worked in the States for so long, I am more than accustomed to the idea of saving for your retirement, or indeed having your home sold to pay for it.

It's not the same here at all. People are aghast at the idea that they would have to pay for care, and as with so many things feel that the promise made in the 1940's to be minded from cradle to grave doesnt need too much amending now.

It brought to mind a frequent comment people make to me when I do a benefit check for them. If they are going on to a reduced income, they will look aghast and say 'How does the government expect me to raise my 15 kids on this money?'

I may have a right wing bone in my body after all, cos my answer (unspoken) is 'How do you propose to look after your family yourself?'

Oh well, next time, think I'll wait and have a wee bottle of wine before attempting to run down the stairs in high heels.

Life would be less complicated fir sure


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